Things To Do

As well as the plentiful number of traditional pubs, tea rooms and unique boutique shops that line the town’s streets, there is no shortage of notable places to visit and things to do in the Dunster area, both within the town itself and adjacent castle and amongst the beautiful local surroundings of Exmoor and the nearby towns and villages.

Dunster Castle

Built on a woody escarpment overlooking the small town, and first used as a stronghold after the Norman Conquest of England, Dunster Castle has survived many besieging and much damage sustained, especially during the Civil War. After a substantial 19th century remodelling it now features fine plasterwork ceilings, terraced gardens, and marvellous views across Exmoor and the Bristol Channel. Of the original structure, only a section of curtain wall of the keep cited in the Doomsday Book still survives, but a gatehouse from the 13th century remains almost entirely intact. The existing façade of the inner castle was completed in 1589.

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Open: April-October, Saturday-Wednesday. Park is open all year-round.